At Winter Tangerine, we want the electric. We want the pieces that you have emptied yourself into. We want the imagery that startles us, that stirs something inside of us that we do not understand. 

Before you submit, please look over these guidelines. 

  • Submissions are read blindly so do not put any identifying information on the document you upload to Submittable, or in your title. We will automatically reject pieces that do not follow this, so please look over your submission before you press send.
  • Please send all poetry submissions in Times New Roman, single-spaced, size 12.
  • Please send all prose submissions in Times New Roman, double-spaced, size 12.
  • Please send a cover letter with your submission. The cover letter should include a brief biography and the title of your pieces. This letter cannot be viewed by anyone except for the Editor-in-Chief so don't worry, your identity will not be revealed to those evaluating your work.
  • We like works that combine and subvert language. Pieces in English that weave other languages are welcome.
  • We do not accept previously published work. If your piece has been published anywhere other than a personal blog/website, please don't submit it. This includes submissions through Tip Jar and to any of our Spotlight or Spitfire Series features.
  • We encourage simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if your work has been accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Please title your works.
  • Please send your work in one singular submission, depending on category. If you want to send four poems and two short stories, please send the poems in one document through the Poetry category, and the short stories in one document through the Prose category. This is very different from how we've worked in the past -- we no longer want individual submissions for each of your pieces.
  • We will not consider erotica or graphic violence.
  • Winter Tangerine publishes exclusively online.
  • Contributors to WT Issues (our biannual online issues) receive $20 flatly. We do not yet pay contributors to the Spotlight or Spitfire Series. Contributors retain their copyrights, but we reserve the right to feature any excerpt or image in promotional work or a "Best of WT" anthology in perpetuity. 
  • We only accept submissions through Submittable You can ask us questions through email, but just in terms of logistics, we can't look over work sent to our email address.

  • We will try to get back to you within a few months. However, if six months pass and you haven't heard back from us, feel free to email us at

  • We look forward to reading your work!

Lineage of Mirrors seeks to profile poets of color and their influences. Twice a month, we will publish a suite of poems from a writer of color, alongside a statement from the writer on a poem by a poet of color that has influenced their craft. We strive to create a space for poets of color to discuss, analyze, and celebrate the work that changed everything for them. We’re invested in documenting the lines of influence that run through poetry from writers of color. This column will serve as an online archive of contemporary poetry that centers discussions of lineage, craft and the necessary resilience of POC poetic traditions. 

Writers should submit up to five poems as well as a 150 word excerpt of the statement analyzing the poem/poet that greatly influenced them. Please follow all general Winter Tangerine submission guidelines. Poems should be submitted in one file. Identifying information (full name, email, phone number, etc) should not appear anywhere on the file upload to Submittable or the title of the submission. There is an honorarium for each profiled poet. Submissions will be open throughout the year.

$3.50 - 10.00
$3.50 - 10.00
For the duration of the NODAPL protests, Winter Tangerine will donate our tip jar submission fees to the Two Spirit Camp at Standing Rock. For more information on this initiative and to add your magazine to the list of journals donating to Standing Rock, click here.

Tip Jar Submissions are a wonderful way for you to help support us! 

You can submit anytime of the year for either $3.50, $5.00, or $10.00. Submittable takes .99 cents + 5% of each submission, so we receive either $2.31, $3.76, or $8.51 for every submission through this portal. Tip Jar Submissions are treated exactly the same as anything submitted during a open call. This is simply a way for writers and artists to generously help offset costs and keep the journal up and running. You can also donate directly to Winter Tangerine Review here.

Though our general guidelines ask for each piece as a separate submission, in one Tip Jar Submission, you may submit up to one piece of prose, or up to seven poems (in one file please), or up to five pieces of art. Submissions accepted from Tip Jar Submissions will be published in a future volume of Winter Tangerine Review. 

We look forward to seeing your work, and very much appreciate the help!