Ends on March 1, 2018

We aren’t here to regulate your every action—we’re here to read your poetry. We want poetry that risks and flirts, poetry that rewires your brain, and poetry that deems the laws of the universe irrelevant.

We don’t have a line limit. We find the purity of your work more important than its length, and changing a poem to fit submission requirements contradicts what Winter Tangerine believes in.  Having said that, this isn’t the kind of magazine that wants to publish The Odyssey, even if you are the reincarnation of Homer

You have the freedom to express any idea you desire. The beauty of writing lies in its ability to make the intangible into something tangible. If it’s floating around in your mind, it’s fair game. We encourages you to stretch your limits, to leave your comfort zone behind. To us, nothing is considered weird or unorthodox. A tomato is just as valid a subject as Shaka Zulu.

Submissions should be 2-7 poems. We'd like to get an idea of who you are as a poet, your particular style, recurring imagery, etc, so we'd like at least two poems- but we can't consider more than seven. Please send your poems in one singular submission

We believe that identity is an imperative factor of any writer's process so we ask that each writer submits an artist statement to help us better understand their work. This statement should be the first page of your document, but should not include your name or previous publications.

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