We love prose. We love characters with jittery legs and big curls and pet armadillos and annoying relatives. We love plot twists and epiphanies and that moment in a story when everything falls into place. We love fresh uses of language. We love dialogue and scenery and the last sentence of a story that just sets the entire world on fire. We don't want to constrict your prose, but there are a few guidelines we'd like you to follow.

Keep your submissions under three thousand words. We would love to read anything you wish to show our staff, but unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to read submissions longer than 3k words. Likewise, while we love flash fiction, we'd like prose submissions to be at least two hundred words. Please put a word count in your cover letter for each piece you submit.


We have a few restrictions on content. We are willing to publish nearly anything, however, this isn’t the place for erotica or graphic violence. Just not really our thing. Please don't send us reviews of any kind or children's stories either.

You may submit up to two fiction pieces and one nonfiction piece. In terms of creative nonfiction, we want your personal and lyrical essays pieces. Please send your pieces in one singular submission.

We believe that identity is an imperative factor of any writer's process so we ask that each writer submits an artist statement to help us better understand their work. This statement should be the first page of your document, but should not include your name or previous publications.

Be sure to keep any personal or identifying info off of the document and title of your submission (name, previous publications, awards, etc.).