$3.50 USD, $5.00 USD, $10.00 USD
Tip Jar Submissions are a wonderful way for you to help support us! 

You can submit anytime of the year for either $3.50, $5.00, or $10.00. Submittable takes .99 cents + 5% of each submission, so we receive either $2.31, $3.76, or $8.51 for every submission through this portal. Tip Jar Submissions are treated exactly the same as anything submitted during a open call. This is simply a way for writers and artists to generously help offset costs and keep the journal up and running. You can also donate directly to Winter Tangerine Review here.

Though our general guidelines ask for each piece as a separate submission, in one Tip Jar Submission, you may submit up to one piece of prose, or up to seven poems (in one file please), or up to five pieces of art. Submissions accepted from Tip Jar Submissions will be published in a future volume of Winter Tangerine Review. 

We believe that identity is an imperative factor of any writer's process so we ask that each writer submits an artist statement to help us better understand their work. This statement should be the first page of your document, but should not include your name or previous publications.

We look forward to seeing your work, and very much appreciate the help!