Lineage of Mirrors seeks to profile poets of color and their influences. Once a month, we will publish a suite of poems from a writer of color, alongside a statement from the writer on a poem by a poet of color that has influenced their craft. We strive to create a space for poets of color to discuss, analyze, and celebrate the work that changed everything for them. We’re invested in documenting the lines of influence that run through poetry from writers of color. This column will serve as an online archive of contemporary poetry that centers discussions of lineage, craft and the necessary resilience of POC poetic traditions. 

Writers should submit up to five poems as well as a 150 word excerpt of the statement analyzing the poem/poet that greatly influenced them. Please follow all general Winter Tangerine submission guidelines. Poems should be submitted in one file. Identifying information (full name, email, phone number, etc) should not appear anywhere on the file upload to Submittable or the title of the submission. There is an honorarium for each profiled poet. Submissions will be open throughout the year.